S 1000 / Vertical Brushing machine

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S 1000 / Vertical Brushing machine

The Brushing machine S 1000 is composed of 6 independently driven brushing/sueding units and gives a surprisingly soft touch to the fabrics and extremely innovative finishing effects.

Each brushing/sueding unit is equipped with AC motor with Inverter for drive of the brush, fabric approaching roller, so that it is possible to control independently:

  • The sense of rotation of each brush.
  • The rotating speed of each brush.
  • The approaching of the fabric to each brush.

The machine is completely driven by AC motors with Inverters and has the following advantages:

  • ACCURATE CONTROL OF THE FABRIC TENSION thanks to two dancing rollers for automatic control of fabric tension.
  • POSSIBILITY OF COMBINED PROCESS ABRASIVE BRUSH/ SUEDING ROLLER to have new finishing effects and an higher production.
  • PROCESS OF BOTH FACES OF THE FABRIC IN ONE PASSAGE, for the machine suitable for woven fabrics.
  • MEMORISATION OF THE PROCESSING PARAMETRES and connection to factory host.
  • INDIVIDUAL DUST SUCTION BOXES, for each brush, in order to remove effi ciently the powders generated during processing.

These characteristics make this machine extremely versatile, suitable to every kind of fabric and in particular to knitted fabrics and elastic fabrics.

In fact,thanks to the presence of dancing rollers and to the possibility of driving the brushes in opposite sense, it is possible to obtain an accurate fabric tension control.

Different versions are available for knitted fabrics and woven fabrics.

Force points

  • 1
  • 2
  • 3